About me:

I’m Aoife, you are very welcome here.

I love to help people move through challenges in their health, mental and emotional life and find more peace, joy and clarity. I practice my holistic therapies and hold groups in East Sussex and surrounding areas.

My early working life was in a medical background but I soon found that my need for creativity, art and sound, and my love of Holistic Therapies were showing me the path I needed to take. I first trained in anthroposophical art and gained much gentle healing from this as it is a truly therapeutic experience. However, I soon felt the call to Sound.. to pure unadulterated tone and rhythm. This is my passion and I soon qualified from the British Academy of Sound Therapy as a Sound Therapy Practitioner back in 2007.

I then started to walk the path of a Sacred Drummer … this indeed was the start of a powerful and enlightening journey. The Sacred Drumming Practitioner training with Steven and Renata Ash opened up a new world for me in 2012 and I am excited and blessed to be a conduit for this drum healing for my clients. I went on to train as a Sacred Drumming Tutor with Steven and Renata and now am teaching the new Healing with the Drum course for the College of Sound Healing.

I have also attended workshops with Fabien Maman on The Power of Sound (Kototama) and the use of colour healing with sound. His approach to healing using a combination of Sound, Colour and Qi Gong exercises is a beautifully gentle but powerful approach. Eeshira Hart has also taught me how to use Solfeggio Tuning forks to balance the energy field using frequencies based on Sacred Geometry (which is another fascination of mine).

I am a certified practitioner of Emotion/ Body Code Therapy and have enjoyed seeing the positive results of these techniques on my myself, my friends and family and clients over the years. The combination of all the therapies that I have learnt to use on myself, along with creative and physical practices and a very careful diet, have allowed me to make great improvements in my own physical and emotional health. I have struggled with various Autoimmune conditions since I was 21 and I am happy to say that now my symptoms are much less then they were before and my practices for coping with these conditions have helped enormously.

In fact, the gift in this life of Chronic Illness has been to inspire me to delve very deeply into therapeutic and spiritual practices that I may not have done otherwise. There is always a silver lining!

I enjoy practising Non-Violent Communication, Qi Gong and Touch Drawing. I also facilitate Touch Drawing in groups (accompanied by soundscapes), a very deep soulful practice of drawing with the fingertips that allows subconscious imagery to flow onto the page in abundance.

What makes my heart sing is painting from the soul, art journaling, cuddling with my boys, walking in forests or by the sea with my husband, singing in groups and connecting with others in women’s circles. 

Every day, I aim to meditate, get some fresh air, write something, connect with a friend, move my body, eat nourishing foods and drink plenty of clean water. It doesn’t always go to that plan! Even though the Rheumatoid Disease symptoms and pain have been much reduced by my Autoimmune Protocol Diet, I still suffer from fatigue and brain fog at times, so using my limited energy wisely is crucial.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please do have a look at the Therapy page to read a lot more about the therapies and services that I offer. I look forward to connecting with you and if you are ready to contact me please click on the link below.

with love,

Aoife xxx

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