I share here some of my artwork from the last few years. Oil paintings painted with the Mischtechnique (mixed technique), some acrylic paintings, abstract and figurative and some mixed media pieces. Many of the original paintings are for sale and prints are also available on request.

Lastly, I share some of my art journaling which I do regularly for fun and therapy. Many of these are rough and sketchy or experimental styles or just a cathartic release of colour on the paper. I share them for the purposes of hopefully inspiring others to play with colour and media in a gentle and loose way in the spirit of keeping creativity flowing.

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Gratitude and Lineage:


Deep thanks and love go to my art mentors who have helped me break through a huge creative block and encouraged me to paint and draw, whilst transmitting their skills, healing and enthusiasm.

Visionary artists:

Daniel Mirante

Judith way

Aloria Weaver

David Heskin

Kuba Ambrose

Vera Atlantia


Art journaling inspirations:


Kasia Avery

Effy Wild

Shiloh Sophia


and of course the originator of Touch Drawing, dear Deborah Koff-Chapin.



Mischetechnique Oil Paintings

Acrylic Paintings

Mixed media Paintings

Art Journaling Pages