Holistic Sound

Aoife Brown

Holistic Sound 

Emotion Code Practitioner. Body Code Practitioner. Sound Therapist.

Based in East Sussex, UK.

Email: aoife@holisticsound.co.uk

Tel: 07704 539394

Skype: aoifebrown1


Feel free to contact me by email or phone or just fill in the contact box below and I will get back to you. Of course, all phone consultations are fully confidential.

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I am a qualified Sound Therapy Practitioner and also hold qualifications in Sacred Drumming, Tuning Forks, and Metamorphic Technique. In addition, I am an Emotion Code Practitioner and Body Code Practitioner which is a healing modality in which the clients trapped negative emotions are identified and released, leading to great improvements in health on all levels.

I wish to express deep thanks and gratitude to all of my teachers, my clients, past, present and future, and all of my community for their support. I am honoured to be in service to you and all of creation. 

Mitaquye Oyasin.

All my relations. 

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