How to Clear Space with Sound

by Jun 20, 2018

Sometimes our homes and workplaces become cluttered and stagnant, not only in a physical sense but also in an energetic sense. Rooms and objects can absorb and hold energies and if there has been a bad argument or a person in a very negative state has been in the room the energies can remain there. This post will show you how to clear space with sound using either sacred instruments or just the sounds we can make with our own body. 
When you walk into a room where the space is clear and clean physically and energetically, you experience that room as light, airy and joyful. It is a pleasure to be in that space as the energies are uplifting and conducive to harmonious activities and peaceful interactions.
If you walk into a room that is energetically dense, you may experience a feeling of negativity, apathy, depression or even agitation. The energies of the room are draining and you may feel more inclined to be reactive, angry or feel down-hearted.
There are a multitude of websites teaching us ways to declutter and clean our spaces. Some very popular ones are:
Unclutterer: a blog that inspires you to streamline your space and your possessions so that you can be more efficient at work and enjoy a more relaxing and serene environment at home.
Becoming Minimalist: a website designed to inspire others to pursue their greatest passions by owning fewer possessions.
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Once the rooms have been decluttered and cleaned, then it is time to clean and clear the energy of the room so that it is a beautiful space filled with sparkling love and light energies.

Why sound?

Why would one want to clear space with sound rather than herbs? Sound is penetrating and pervasive. The waves of sound really travel throughout a room and even into the molecular structure of objects. Sound vibrations cause other objects to resonate in sympathy with the predominant frequency and entrain to that frequency.
Other methods of clearing a room such as using smudging are effective but it is not always possible to use smoking herbs in a building. The great thing about sound is that even if you don’t have any tools to hand, you can always clap and use your voice which you have access to at all times. 

Ways to clear space with sound: 


Balinese bell:

Balinese bells are very beautiful and sacred objects which produce an exquisite clear tone which is perfect for detecting and clearing dense energy both in our own personal energies or in a room or building. They take a whole year to make and are made in a sacred way with prayer and intention. They are more expensive to buy than a Tibetan bronze or brass bell but are well worth the investment. The sound made by ringing the Balinese bell can be directed into physical structures with intention. The Tibetan bells do not penetrate objects in the same way.


  • Call in the directions of the medicine wheel. I call in the energies of the directions as taught to me by Steven and Renata Ash in a direct lineage of Native American teachings. If you are not familiar with calling in the directions then a simple prayer to call upon God/Spirit/Source energy to help cleanse the space will be fine. 
  • Start to ring the bell high and low around the room, detecting areas of the room where the sound goes dull. Ring the bell in these areas with the strong intention to clear the dense energies. Visualise the imprints of these dense energies dissipating.
  • The sound will start to return as the dense energies clear. You can also use intention to direct the sound into pieces of furniture and the walls, floor and ceiling to clear the energies there.
  • Keep working your way around the room until all areas feel clear and the bell rings out in a pure tone everywhere.

Singing Bowls;

Himalayan singing bowls are not as effective as the Balinese bell for space clearing but can add a harmonising aspect to the energy in the room once the denser energies have been cleared by the bell. Singing Bowls produce many harmonics and the variety of frequencies produce a very calming and resonant sound field which lifts the energy in the room and creates a peaceful vibration.


Rattles that are made in a sacred way as used by shamans and indigenous cultures are powerful tools and can also be used to clear space effectively. The chaotic nature of the vibrations along with the various rhythms possible present lots of opportunity for breaking up dense energies and shifting the frequency in the room.


I also use drumming at times to clear a room. My blessed sacred deerskin drum, that I made in ceremony, is a powerful tool for dispersing heavy murky energies. in a similar way to the Balinese Bell, the sound gets muffled or even silenced when being played in an area of these dense frequencies. The drumming rhythms and speed can be varied as needed and as the sound of the drum changes, I can sense when the energy in the room is clearing.
If you have your own frame drum have a go at this, just remember to smudge your drum with sage before and after the clearing to keep it energetically clean as drums can pick up negative energies.


Toning OM, overtoning or chanting can also be used to clear the energies of a room. Overtoning is particularly powerful as it contains higher harmonic frequencies, but it does need some practice. A simple chant can also be used to harmonise a room and is especially useful after other methods of clearing have been used. 


Clapping is a great way to clear the energy in a room if no other instruments are available. Clap clearly and crisply in the corner of the rooms and slowly move in a spiral into the centre of the room. Anywhere where the sound of the claps become dull or muted, continue in that spot where the stagnant energy is located until the sound shifts and the sound becomes clear again. 
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Prayer and download:

My next step is to trace infinity symbols or reiki symbols in the corners of the room. I then download frequencies that support harmony and love in my home.
I bless the home with joyful energies, peaceful vibrations and ask for it to be protected and safe for all who live there.
I bless the rooms with specific attributes also, for example, if it is a bedroom I bless the space with energy frequencies that encourage deep relaxation,  intimacy, love and sexuality. If it is an office I bless the space with clarity, motivation and inspiration and so on.

It is very noticeable for sensitive people when the energy of a home is clear and of a high vibration and for less sensitive people it will also be noticeable but on more of a subconscious level. An energetically clear home will help us to live in harmony and peace and is conducive to creativity and loving actions.

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