Sacred Drumming Healing


Sacred Drumming Healing: 

The power of the energies coming through the Sacred Drum to help you clear imbalances, bring in fresh energy and ground you is immense. The Sacred Drumming healing sessions consist of an assessment of any imbalances in your energy at that time and a healing shamanic drum sound session to restore balance.

What to expect:

Before a drumming treatment, I smudge your energy field with herbs to clear away any superficial dense energies and attachments to allow access to the deeper imbalances. I work within the safety and protection of the sacred Medicine Wheel which has been used by cultures worldwide in ceremony, healing, and meditation.

By drawing in the energies of the Sacred Directions we are able to ask for special guidance, help, and healing from the Spirit world. We can form special connections with guides, angels, allies, and animal helpers. From this place of safety and love, the drumming can proceed to clear away stagnant energy and bring in new fresh healing energies. I work intuitively and use my drum to find areas that need clearing, and then bring in healing energies through the drum sound, guided by Spirit.

I can carry out the treatment lying on the couch or sitting in a chair or standing if that is more appropriate for you. All you need to do is relax and receive the sounds and vibrations. I often use my voice too to bring in healing toning, overtoning (extra harmonics), chants and songs. The session often ends with using the powerful medicine rattle and then feathers and bells or singing bowls.

The voice is a very powerful tool and brings an extra dimension to the treatment. Rainbow essences (made from flowers and crystals) are also used to anchor in changes made to your energy system and support you in the transformation.

I also offer Drum Journey Work which can be so powerful to activate transformative growth and to connect to deep parts of yourself, your higher self, guides or ancestors.

I look forward very much to working with you.

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