Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Course

with The College of Sound Healing COSH ® (IN PERSON)

This training course will give you the confidence to use the drum and rattle for self-healing, helping others, and healing your home and the Earth. Information and wisdom from other cultures are imparted to reinforce up-to-date scientific studies on the use of drum in sound healing.

In many cultures, the shamanic drum is still used to help heal individuals and hold the social fabric of communities together. This course reawakens each student to this healing potential in ourselves and our society. Students are encouraged to develop a deep and personal understanding of themselves as a shamanic healer through reading, study, and dedicated practice. Each student starts the course by making their own personal medicine drum and rattle.

Based on feedback from previous participants of this course, this will be a transformational experience for you. It is a path of self-development and dedication, as well as an opportunity to be part of a very beautiful community.

We work in circle, and all are equal and important in the circle. Everyone has their own unique frequency to add, and we all support and encourage each other. It is so much more than the description of the content of the modules. This is a path for those who want to be connected to Spirit, connected to Grandmother Earth, Grandfather Sky and all of the directions, allies and helpers.

As well as the benefit of receiving and giving healing sessions, you will develop a close relationship with the Medicine Wheel teachings, which will support you in whatever you do in life. This is one of the fundamentals of the teachings that come directly through my teachers Steven and Renata Ash from Grandfather Wallace Black Elk.

You will birth your own 2-sided Inipi lodge drum and rattle and this, in itself, is a hugely powerful process. Infusing your own personal medicine into your tools is so important to make them powerful.

Dates of trainings that I am teaching with my Sacred Drumming Sisters in 2023 and 2024 are shown further down on this page.


Detailed information on the syllabus, investment, and requirements are here. Make sure to also click on the tutor’s names on the CoSH website  to see specific course details. ( Ally Gerrish for September course and Eva Bay Greenslade for 2024 course)  College of Sound Healing Sacred Drumming Course


The Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training is a diploma training course held over five weekends within the period of one year. Completion of this training will give participants the information, knowledge and tools required to become a specialist Sacred Drumming Practitioner. The course is certified by the College of Sound Healing, and is evaluated and approved by the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) and the TSA (Therapeutic Sound Association).


Location and Dates:

Sacred Drumming Practitioner Course 2023: Wiltshire.

Team teaching with Ally Gerrish and Sandie Alderman.

Bishops Cannings Village Hall, 1 W End, Bishops Cannings, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2LL.

Module One — 9th / 10th September 2023

Module Two — 14th / 15th October 2023

Module Three — 25th / 26th November 2023

Module Four — 10th / 11th February 2024

Module Five — 23rd / 24th March 2024


Sacred Drumming Practitioner Course 2024: East Sussex

Team teaching with Eva Bay Greenslade.

Laughton Lodge. Common Ln, Laughton, Lewes BN8 6BY

Module One – 11th / 12th May 2024

Module Two – 22nd / 23rd June 2024

Module Three – 7th / 8th September 2024

Module Four – 19th / 20th October 

Module Five – 23rd / 24th November 2024


Sacred drumming Practitioner Course