Testimonials for Aoife Brown : Holistic Sound

Testimonials for Emotion code sessions:

“Having spent many years as a Therapist myself and swapping treatments with colleagues, I have known many different kinds of healing, but rarely have I experienced such profound shifts and in such subtle ways as I have from Aoife’s Emotion Code treatments.

Aoife has given treatments to me, my daughter and my partner – some were in person and some were through distant healing. Every treatment brought incredible healing and I’d even go so far as to say they eradicated the issues that were being worked with.
After a treatment, Aoife would send an email highlighting what had been discovered in areas of the body, where stress had been held and when that issue had been memorised by the tissues in the body. Every single highlight in those emails was accurate, according to when we would have experienced the trauma at the corresponding timeline of our lives.. totally incredible! Aoife works empathically, sensitively and intuitively and is one of the best Therapists I have known. This therapy is worth every penny spent and every moment invested. True healing and positive outcomes in abundance!”

Andi Jaffay

Children's Yoga Teacher , Little Light Yoga

“I have had three treatments using the emotion code clearing technique that Aoife practices. These have all been at very different individual points in my life but have also been at times I have felt, not only very lost but have also been around a time of big change.
Aoife has been able to pick up on lots of the signs and signals that have been given out to me by my physical self and also my mental health.
During the time of receiving the treatments, I have mainly felt a quiet calm. One time I recall a strong visual light pattern and during another session a release of pain and being able to cry, release trapped trauma/stress from my system.
The feedback given by Aoife is clear and gives enough information for self-empowered choices of change to be made and she is able to provide excellent advice within each point, that have very much supported me with this.
I have also brought the results to my homeopath who I see regularly and each set of feedback have linked in pretty much exactly with the homeopathic assessments/treatments I am given.
On a personal level, I have known Aoife for a number of years, she is very approachable, gentle, kind and empathetic. She has been able to help me when I was at some of my lowest energy points and has always extended out to me the most genuine warmth and loving energy. I am pleased to be able to highly recommend her skills and ways of practice“.
Anna Sandford-Pike

Healthcare Practitioner

“Aoife did an Emotion Code reading for me at a time when I was wracked with a nasty cough that wouldn’t clear. What came out of the reading was that I was holding many insecurities that were trapped in my trachea/bronchi. She also picked up on times in my life that had been traumatic and where I was holding residual emotions (that I thought I had cleared!). These were things that she couldn’t possibly have known about and realising what was going on contributed greatly to my healing process. Do consider having a session with Aoife!”

Geraldine M Bown

CEO Domino Perspectives; Co-founder Diamond Edge Programme; Interfaith Minister, Domino Perspectives

“Aoife did several distant Emotion Code sessions for me over a period of time. This helped me to move through some difficult issues coming up in relationships and I started to experience more openness and an ability to be close. Sessions during a heartbreak experience helped me to cope with the intensity and to ground and centre when I was overwhelmed. I also had some relief from physical symptoms. I found Aoife’s observations to be very insightful and relevant and the support of her work with me over a challenging year was very valuable.”

Morgan Nichols

Writer, Author, Group Facilitator, Astrologer, Wild Motherhood

Testimonials for Sound Therapy Sessions:



” I loved the singing bowls on the back, it was really nice to have the touch and weight of the bowls. It made me feel very secure. I felt really balanced after the treatment today, very relaxed and energised.”

Anna Lane

Massage therapist and Pop-up Spa Business, Treatment Tents

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with sound therapy but I was very surprised at how much effect it had. I would definitely like to try this on a regular basis as I definitely felt the benefits of it.”

“Thank you for my Sound Therapy sessions. I have gained a great sense of clarity and now feel wonderfully creative. I am making changes in my life and also feel a great lift in my body – like I want to move, jump around and stretch!”
Katie Griffiths

Artist; Owner of Katwish, Katwish

“This gentle treatment was powerful enough to shift the energies I felt unable to shift by myself. Aoife has a wonderful calm energy that puts me completely at ease”.

“Once the therapy was finished I physically felt like I had sunk a couple of centimetres into the table, totally relaxed and more than expected!”

Dermot Boyle

Clinical Assistant, Abbott

“The treatments I had with Aoife had a profound effect on me. After the first session I felt rejuvenated within myself and in the following week, I found that the issues that were raised during the treatments started to dissipate. After the next two sessions, those issues seemed to be almost completely resolved and the feeling of more confidence and less fear has grown since then.”


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