I can help you with:


Depression and Anxiety
Physical and Emotional Pain
Weight issues
Heart walls (relationships)
Financial and Emotional blocks
Anger management
Panic attacks
Skin imbalances
Children’s Issues
Beloved pets
Expanding abundance and prosperity in your life and business
Health and wellness on all levels of body, mind, spirit, and life
Harmonious relationships through healthy boundaries and communication
The art & mastery of self-care
Stress Relief…and much much more…

Bio image Aoife Brown

Aoife Brown

I am a qualified Sound Therapy Practitioner and also hold qualifications in Sacred Drumming, Tuning Forks, and Metamorphic Technique. In addition, I am a Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner which is a healing modality in which the clients trapped negative emotions are identified and released, leading to great improvements in health on all levels.

I hold the client space with integrity and respect and create a loving environment where the healing can come both through myself and my sound tools. This allows direct transformation and a peaceful journeying back to wholeness.

I have been on a challenging journey with my health having been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 21, and various other autoimmune conditions being diagnosed later. The ups and downs of this have taught me a huge amount about holistic wellbeing, nutrition, meditation and energy medicine. I include some posts on this website to help support others in a similar position, as I have made huge improvements due to a healing diet and energy healing techniques and therapies.

I am passionate about creativity and paint and draw regularly. I also facilitate Touch drawing workshops and hold Women’s Groups  ..read more below!  I live in the countryside in East Sussex with my husband, two beautiful sons and Mystic the cat.