Body code session


Body Code Session


The Body Code is a more comprehensive treatment system, which includes the Emotion Code within it. It deals with balancing the body in all aspects of health- including emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural, pathogens and toxicity. The Body Code is one of the most sophisticated and complete methods of body balancing that has ever been devised.  This technique is not meant to replace any medical treatment, but sessions of Body Code release underlying imbalances that allow the body’s innate self-healing ability to take over.  As a result, physical, emotional and mental symptoms are relieved and often eliminated for good.


The Body Code is intended to empower you to restore your health and wellbeing by helping you resolve the underlying causes of physical or emotional distress you may have. The Body Code is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s organized system that enables testing for the 6 major imbalances that most symptoms, disorders and disease fall under. It also offers releasing protocols to bring the body back into balance and alignment. The 6 imbalances are:



Once found through muscle testing, the imbalances or trapped emotions are quickly released and corrected. Once the energetic blockages are removed, the flow of prana or Qi can now circulate unhindered and the body can now regain homeostasis even at the cellular level. In essence the body heals itself! This complementary modality is completely safe and non-invasive and produces quick and long lasting results as it works with the underlying causative factors rather than masking the symptoms.


Muscle testing can also be done by proxy when the recipient cannot be present. In these cases, I act as the proxy myself, allowing me to tune in and work on the client distantly. This incredible ability of humans to form a proxy link allows me to provide distant sessions by email or over Skype and I find the sessions to be just as effective as in person. 

Recipients of Body Code sessions have reported getting help with:

Digestive trouble
Hormonal issues
Chronic discomfort
Organ function
Emotional distress
Reliving bad experiences
Learning problems
Joint problems
Muscle soreness
Night terrors
Sleep issues
Weight and food issues
Sinus trouble
And much more

You do not need to have any particular spiritual belief or persuasion to benefit from the Body Code, and you do not need to share much about your issues either as it is not necessary. This is very helpful in cases of trauma where it is distressing for the client to talk about the problems.

Do read the page Emotion Code about Emotion code and Heart walls as this is a core part of the Body Code System and will explain in greater depth about how trapped emotions affect us in our lives.


To experience the power of the Body code system for yourself, contact Aoife today.



‘I really appreciate the difference that Aoife’s sessions have made to my life!  I feel freed up from so much emotional baggage that I had been carrying around with me.  Aoife has a wonderful calm and caring manner, which really helped me to open up about challenging issues that I was going through.  The Body Code / Emotion Code  is an incredible tool for pinpointing what is going on, and how to clear that with ease and speed.  Thanks again for this Aoife, it’s been invaluable.’ 


Choose the type of session to suit your needs:


  • In person, if you are local (Includes some healing sound therapy as an additional benefit) 


  • Distant session if you are further away (by skype call and/or email from anywhere in the world)



My experiences of Body Code.


One of the most important ideas behind holistic health and energy healing is that the human body has an incredible ability to bounce back. With the right balance, your body can recover from all kinds of discomfort and disease.

However, imbalance may allow physical or emotional obstacles to build up over time. Sadly, it seems that much of the population is in
an unbalanced state in one way or another. Few of us would honestly claim to feel 100% well (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) 100% of the time. While imbalance is extremely common, it may also be extremely easy to resolve. The Body Code can help you identify and correct imbalances in your body, allowing you to enjoy less stress and pain and more freedom and joy. 

My experience of working on clients with Body Code has been amazing. I am often so thrilled by the progress we can make and to see such huge transformations in people is humbling. I love the combination of the energy work and the “detective work”. I think that is because it appeals to both sides of my brain, the feminine flowing side and the masculine logical side. Of course, I have done a lot of sessions on myself and my family and friends too.

One fantastic success story was getting rid of my son’s warts. He was plagued with them for a number of years and it got to the point where he had over 30 warts on his hands and it was causing him to feel embarrassed. We had tried all the usual treatments to no avail.  It took a few sessions but on the last session I just knew I had got to the core of the issue and the literally two days later they had suddenly all gone. It felt like a miracle!  

I have had great success helping friends with anxiety, PTSD, weight-loss, difficulties with relationships, pain, addictions and depression. It is also a fantastic way to work on childrens issues as there doesn’t have to be a lot of talking and it can even be done at a distance while the child is asleep if that is best. 



Read more about Body Code

You can think of the subconscious mind as the ultimate intelligence, like a highly advanced computer system. essentially the premise is that it knows everything you need in order to be healthy and happy.

Body Code sessions are brief, simple, and non-invasive. The Body Code is designed to get answers about your health directly from your subconscious. It uses specific questioning, charts, and muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) to get those answers. Often, this helps identify imbalances that, once resolved, may allow full health to return. We can then release those imbalances through magnetic energy and principles of ancient Chinese medicine. We may also identify what actions might be needed to restore balance.

My son has had several bodycode sessions with Aoife, as he has ADHD.  Over the course of these his behaviour has massively improved. It used to be that just getting through the day with him was often a tremendous struggle.  Now, although we still have our moments, I am amazed at the shifts I have seen in him.  I am really enjoying my time with my son, and we have had a lovely time together in lockdown, which just goes to show, as that’s been a big test for everyone!  Thank you so much, Aoife.