Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate

Sound baths are a wonderful way to have a group experience with sound therapy. A guided meditation generally starts the session and then its time to lie back and make yourself comfortable on the cushions, mats and blankets. You lie back (or sit in a chair if that’s more comfortable) to relax and receive the sound that I provide from a variety of sources:

Himalayan singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls

Vocal Toning and Overtoning

Native flute


Shamanic drumming

Ocean drum


Solfeggio Frequencies

Grounding rattles and shakers

The session ends with a short period of silence in order for all the changes to settle in the body and it is a magical time as all the frequencies are integrated. 

Are you looking for a healthy way to deal with stress and overwhelm?

Are you in need of a peaceful space to relax and let go, so that you allow your body and energy system begin to heal themselves?

Are you looking for an opportunity to forget your problems and bathe in feelings of joy and bliss?

Then regular soundbaths could be just what the doctor ordered!


Bathe in Sound frequencies to Restore your original Blueprint

Sound baths

This was one of the Sonic Soul Sisters collaborations in Lewes before the lockdown. 



Check out this BBC video below of participants explaining what they gain from a local sound bath. Thanks to BBC Midlands and Primal Sound in Stirchley, Birmingham for this film of their sound bath.

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