Touch Drawing:

A practice of creative, psychological and spiritual integration.


Touch Drawing is a technique that you may not have come across but is so freeing and enjoyable that I have started to facilitate workshops in order to share it with others. Deborah Koff -Chapin brought this work to the world, and I was lucky enough to attend one of her workshops in the UK a few years ago, although I had been experimenting with the process many years before, inspired by Deborah’s book:  “Drawing Out Your Soul: The Touch Drawing Handbook”.

Then earlier this year (2017), I was very happy to support Deborah to come to the South of England again and give another weekend workshop at Emerson college. It was again a joy to be in the unified field of sacred sound and image making in a group with the space being held with such grace and beauty.

Touch drawing

Touch drawing above by Deborah Koff-Chapin

The Process Of Touch Drawing

Touch drawing simply involves using the tips of the fingers to draw onto paper from a meditative state, allowing images that wish to emerge to flow onto the paper. The technique involves rolling out paint onto a table or glass plate and placing thin paper over the top. You place your fingers on top of the paper allowing them to move and create marks on the underside of the paper. When you peel the paper off and turn it over for viewing, the full magic is revealed.

Normally in a session, one would produce a series of 10-20 drawings, each one flowing on from the last. The benefits are profound and it is very deep soul work. It is also a great way to overcome creative blocks. The technique is simple, yet can produce some stunning images that speak to the soul and are unlike any other art I have seen. Have a look at the Touch Drawing website for more information and galleries of Deborah’s amazing artwork.

I will be facilitating a number of Touch Drawing workshops in East Sussex this year. I am looking forward to sharing the process with more people. In my workshops I provide a soundscape duing the drawing sessions using voice, drum and singing bowls. I find that the sacred sounds help the participants to drop into a deeper connection with their inner world and provide a nurturing environment for the soul images to emerge onto the page.

Comments by previous participants:


” I really connected back to that childhood space of creativity. It felt like a very powerful place to work from.”

” The music was such a supportive element. I was able to process the bodily sensation of anxiety through the drawing which was very powerful. In the day as a whole, I moved from careful to childlike to care-free…wonderful!”

“I loved the soundbath and drumming and voice. It was wonderful to experience and express emotions about my illness and symptoms. It allowed me to be “with” it and explore.”

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