Women's Circles

Connection, Community and Support

Women have gathered together in women’s circles since ancient times. The circle is sacred. It is a space for rest, for silence, for rejuvenation and healing, for tears, for laughter, for support and deep connection. Grief and celebration are both welcome here.  We weave together our commonality and marvel at our diversity. In these modern times, many feel a disconnection and loneliness is pervasive. Our devices have connected us digitally but that deep nurturing that comes from community love and support has been lost.

Circles can be run in many different ways but what I deem to be essential is a sacred space, deep listening and respect, no advice given unless asked for, and of course complete confidentiality. In my circles, I shall be offering additional practices such as meditation journeys, sound baths, creative practices and honouring the turning of the wheel of the year. In one of the groups we will be following the Kabbalistic teachings and meditation journeys created by Lilith Wildwood.

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